BEAST @ Stockholm

Open to all and no charge.

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Open to all and no charge.


Open to all and no charge.

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December 13
BEAST @ Stockholm
Lilla salen, Kungl , Times: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

This event is an exchange between BEAST, SEAMS and Fizzle.

KMH at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm welcomes guest composers from BEAST  for a concert of electroacoustic music performed on KMH’s multichannel dome Klangkupolen.



Jonty Harrison
Petit prelude parallèle
Kevin Buckland
Mark Ferguson
Milad Khosravi Mardakheh
Scott Wilson
Kelp Road
Emma Margetson
Abstracted Objects
Simon Smith
Synthetic RADI (reactive-affective-defensi- ve-impulsive)
Niketa Sheth
Red Route
Annie Mahtani
Racines tordues


Fizzle artists will also present a concert as part of the exchange on Wednesday 11 December at the Fylkingen in Stockholm. Please click HERE for further information on this event.