26th – 28th June 2024

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In June 2024, join BEAST for Body-Space-Action-Agency, a series of concerts and workshops presented on the full BEAST system in the Elgar Concert Hall.

Xenia Pestova Bennett’s All Aglow takes inspiration from bioluminescence and combines piano with seascapes and analog synths. Artemi Gioti and Aaron Einbond bring the latest developments in machine learning and AI to bear on their music, and YongGyu Gregory Kim brings his ensemble from Korea to present his multimedia works. Our closing party at Pan Pan in Digbeth features P.A. Tremblay and Sylvain Pohu presenting works for electric guitar and electronics.

Wed 26th – 10amWorkshop 1:
Artistic Creation with Machine Learning
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Wed 26th – 6pmConcert 1:
Xenia Pestova Bennett + Annea Lockwood
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Wed 26th – 8pmConcert 2:
Artemi-Maria Gioti + Aaron Einbond
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Thur 27th – 11amWorkshop 2:
Choreography and coordination: Performing with Devices
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Thur 27th – 6pmConcert 3:
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Thur 27th – 8pmConcert 4 :
YongGyu Gregory Kim Multimedia Concert
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Fri 28th – 8pmConcert 5:
PA Tremblay + Sylvain Pohu