Tuesday 28 June

19:30 Dome Room – Concert 1

The festival opener features live performances and acousmatic works by BEAST composers and friends from over the decades.

Emma MargetsonElapsing
Duncan Forsyth-ForrestTenney
Henry EadyRupture
Christopher HaworthProximes


Hildegard Westerkamp (diffusion: Emma Margetson)Breathing Room
Gabriel MontufarSounds of Clubbing
Milad Mardakheh & Simon SmithLive improvisation
Natasha Barrett (diffusion: Scott Wilson)Dream Awake

Wednesday 29 June

15:00 Elgar Concert Hall – Concert 2

This concert features music by current students and recent graduates of the Electroacoustic Music Studios, alongside music from one of acousmatic music’s pioneers, François Bayle who last visited BEAST in 2014.

Norah LorwaydigitalOceans
Michael RyanCeleste
François Bayle (diffusion: Jonty Harrison)Toupie dans le ciel (Erosphère)
Hector Bravo BenardInterlude
Sam Bland66 Montclaire, The Fish and Meat Market
Milad MardakhehImmortality

20:00 Elgar Concert Hall – Concert 3

This concert features the premiere of a new work for tuba ensemble and tape by current BEAST co-director Scott Wilson. We welcome back more members of the BEAST family to perform new works alongside music by BEAST friends Annette Vande Gorne and Christian Eloy.

Scott WilsonMotorBEAST
When Tuba Come One Quartet with James Carpenter, Alex Hall – Tubas
Sara Caneva – Conductor
Charlie LockwoodEverything Comes Around Again
Nikki ShethWindmills of Lapua
Simon SmithSynthetic RADI (reactive-affective-defensive-impulsive)


Andreas Mniestris (diffusion: Michael Gatt)Stones Bricks Tiles … disorderly
Christian Eloy (diffusion: Michael Gatt)Eneyida
Annette Vande Gorne (diffusion: Hans Tutschku) Figures d’espace
Steve Benner (diffusion: Gabriel Montufar)Sólheimajökull: Ice Movement
Manfredi ClementeOubliez-moi sous ces cèdres

Thursday 30 June

18:00 Dome Room – Concert 4

A solo concert of multichannel works by guest composer Robert Normandeau.

Robert NormandeauStrinGDberg
Robert NormandeauRaíl
Robert NormandeauL’engloutissement

20:00 Elgar Concert Hall – Concert 5

In this concert we hear works, old and new, by BEAST composers who were students here in the 2000s.

Helena Gough (diffusion: Simon Smith)Yolk
Robert Dow (diffusion: Pete Stollery)Season of Mists
Daniel Barreiro (diffusion: Annie Mahtani)Fragments – Images – Resonances
James CarpenterTangle
Pippa Murphy (diffusion: Pete Stollery)Caspian Retreat


Hasnizam (diffusion: Pete Stollery)Bako
Joseph HydeLevels and Perspectives 2: Windpump
David Berezan (diffusion: Jonty Harrison)Cyclo
Pierre Alexandre TremblayBucolic & Broken
Steven NaylorLullaby

Friday 1 July

13:00 Elgar Concert Hall – Concert 6

This concert features music by current students and also by composers who studied or worked in the Electroacoustic Music Studios during the last 10 years.

Ângela da Ponte (diffusion: Marty Fisk)ThEma
Mark FergusonMud Roots
Savannah Agger (diffusion: Gabriel Montufar)Landschaften II
Costis Kontos (diffusion: Manfredi Clemente)Xaliks
Pardis Nikbakhsh (diffusion: Milad Mardakheh)Cave
Julien GuillamatLes marteaux oubliés
Erik NyströmCompose/Decompose
Kevin Buckland (diffusion: Michael Gatt)Sons Libérés
Jorge Gregorio García Moncada (diffusion: Scott Wilson)Psittacus

17:00 Elgar Concert Hall – Concert 7

This concert welcomes back composers who worked in the Electroacoustic Music Studios during the 1990s and 2000s and also features the 1992 BEAST commission Valley Flow from lifelong BEAST friend Denis Smalley.

SOUNDkitchen: Iain Armstrong & Annie MahtaniIlha Verde
Jonty HarrisonConcertino
Joseph AndersonConcertina (after Harrison’s Concertino)
Lisa Whistlecroft (diffusion: Gabriel Montufar)Happy Birthday BEAsTs
Peter BatchelorKaleidoscope: Arcade
Adrian Moore…prospecting…
Denis Smalley (diffusion: Jonty Harrison)Valley Flow

19:30 Elgar Concert Hall – Concert 8

The final concert of the festival features new music by composers who were here during BEAST’s formative years in the 1980s and music from composers who influenced or were influenced by Jonty Harrison. It also includes new works by lifelong BEAST friend Simon Emmerson and by BEAST founder Jonty Harrison.

Scott WilsonBEASTly Fanfare
Andrew LewisCori Spezzati
Nicholas Virgo & Alistair MacDonald
(diffusion: Alistair MacDonald)
A Confluence of Birds
Francis Dhomont (diffusion: Jonty Harrison)Studio de nuit
Hans TutschkuRemembering Japan – Pt. 3 – Abstraction
Annie MahtaniBreathe


Elainie Lillios & Michael Thompson (diffusion: Annie Mahtani)Tonic in G
Simon EmmersonNear and Far (at once)
David Berezan (diffusion: Adrian Moore)Sonic Birthday Card
Pete StolleryCommunity
Bernard Parmegiani (diffusion: Jonty Harrison)La Roue Ferris
Jonty HarrisonWee BEASTies