Tuesday 28 June – Friday 1 July 2022

University of Birmingham

Four days of music, ideas and dialogue to celebrate 40 years of BEAST

Over the past four decades Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) has become one of the leading systems for the presentation of electronic music in the world, and a catalyst for innovation in the field. While never losing its roots as a champion of acousmatic composition (music for loudspeakers alone) and an innovator in the creation of immersive sonic experiences in concert, it has developed into a platform for a wide variety of sound-based art in various styles and genres. 

Join us for four days of music, ideas and dialogue to celebrate 40 years of BEAST and the 70th Birthday of BEAST founder Jonty Harrison. The festival will feature artists involved with BEAST throughout its history (Hans Tutschku, Natasha Barrett, Emma Margetson, Jorge Gregorio García Moncada and Nikki Sheth, to name just a few), world premieres of new music from long-time friends of BEAST Robert Normandeau and Simon Emmerson, and the world premiere of a special commission by Jonty Harrison.

Guest Artists

Jonty Harrison

Simon Emmerson

Robert Normandeau

+ Works by artists & friends from across the 40 years of BEAST’s history, including: 

Savannah Agger · Joseph Anderson · Iain Armstrong · Daniel Barreiro · Natasha Barrett · Peter Batchelor · François Bayle · Steve Benner · David Berezan · Sam Bland · Hector Bravo Benard · Kevin Buckland · James Carpenter · Manfredi Clemente · Zach Dawson · Francis Dhomont · Robert Dow · Henry Eady · Christian Eloy · Mark Ferguson · Marty Fisk · Duncan Forsyth-Forrest · Helena Gough · Julien Guillamat · Hasnizam · Christopher Haworth · Joseph Hyde · Costis Kontos · Andrew Lewis · Elainie Lillios · Charlie Lockwood · Norah Lorway · Alistair MacDonald · Annie Mahtani · Milad Mardakheh · Emma Margetson · Andreas Mniestris · Jorge Gregorio García Moncada · Gabriel Montufar · Adrian Moore · Pippa Murphy · Steven Naylor · Pardis Nikbakhsh · Erik Nyström · Bernard Parmegiani · Ângela da Ponte · Michael Ryan · Nikki Sheth · Denis Smalley · Simon Smith · Pete Stollery · Michael Thompson · Pierre Alexandre Tremblay · Hans Tutschku · Annette Vande Gorne · Nicholas Virgo · Hildegard Westerkamp · When Tuba Come One Quartet with James Carpenter, Alex Hall & Cond. Sara Caneva · Lisa Whistlecroft · Jake Williams · Scott Wilson