Virtual BEAST FEaST 2020

Come Together Stay Home

Friday 1 – Saturday 2 May 2020


Two days of virtual music, meeting, and ideas

In 2020, four years after the election of Trump and the Brexit vote, it has become a cliché to say that we live in an increasingly divided culture. BEAST FEaST 2020 aspires to joyously defy the idea of a disunited world, to explore ideas of optimism, reconciliation and restoration, and celebrate the ways that electronic music can bring us together.

Join us for two virtual days of music, meeting, and ideas, with featured guest artists Beatriz Ferreyra, Hans Tutschku, Heather Roche, Eva Zöllner, Simon Emmerson and Christopher Fox.

For the full festival schedule please click here.

Here is a note from Scott Wilson, BEAST Director, on our virtual festival offering this year, please click here.

Blog Posts by featured guest artists: Christopher Fox, Hans Tutschku, Simon Emmerson & Zöllner/Roche Duo.