Friday 3 May

11:00 Dome Room (Free)

The first session of talks and demos which are free and open to the public. Come and hear festival artists discuss their music.

Leah Reid

Multidimensional Timbre Representations and Their Compositional Applications

Joseph Hyde

Hum and Glow: rediscovering vintage audio/video machines in the digital age

Alessio Wagner

Contorted Mimetic Responses to Biological Patterns in Systematic Composition

Tom Mudd 

Composing using the Next Generation Sound Synthesis (NESS) physical models


Saturday 4 May

11:00 Dome Room (Free)

More ideas and discussion with the festival’s artists.

Louise Rossiter

Rewind/Fast-Forward: Reimagining the work of Fritz Kahn through sound

Professor Natasha Barrett

Sound objects in space – Schaeffer, 3D sound, ‘allure’ and tangibility

Thor Magnusson

Sonic Writing
On Materially Emergent Practices in Contemporary Music


14:30 Dome Room (Free)

Keynote: Anothai Nitibhon & Jean-David Caillouët

The voices of Southeast Asian Soundscapes: Migrating through time and musical boundaries