Thursday 2 May

19:30 Dome Room

Our concert opener features Norah Lorway’s game-inspired work, and premieres by guest Pete Stollery and BEAST founder Jonty Harrison.

Guillaume Dujat Divine Cut
Jonty Harrison Off-Piste
Henrik von Coler The last Groove
Allan Chen Watch
Pete Stollery Rewind
Tom Mudd Brass Cultures
Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres Electronic Piano
Tim Howle False Memory of Normandy
Norah Lorway across void I

Friday 3 May

13:10 Barber Concert Hall (Free)

The internationally recognised Apartment House presents a new work by James Opstad alongside music by Julius Aglinskas and Lucie Vítková.

Lucie Vítková NINE    for string quartet and cell phones
Julius Aglinskas …          for string quartet and electronics
James Opstad Bracken

15:00 Dome Room

An extended performance by The Brain Dead Ensemble.

Gerard Gormley Odessa
The Brain Dead Ensemble What Comes Around Goes Around

19:00 Elgar Concert Hall

Featuring work by Natasha Barrett, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, and a world premiere by Apartment House founder Anton Lukoszevieze.

Anton Lukoszevieze Mapping Amnon
Milad K. Mardakheh Sustaining
David Berezan Offshore
Mark Ferguson Shorelines
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano The Miraculous Multiplication of Strings
Natasha Barrett Dusk’s Gait

20:45 Elgar Concert Hall

Includes music by featured guests Pete Stollery, AnoThai Nitibhon, and Jean-David Caillouët.

Pete Stollery Still Voices
Adriana Maria Ruiz Pink Bourbon
Philip Liu Electro-ethnomusicology 2
Emma Margetson Abstracted Objects
Anothai Nitibhon & Jean-David Caillouët

Kalpa Kāla

Ann Warde For Hands Vier Hände

Saturday 4 May

13:00 Elgar Concert Hall

Concert including work by Annie Mahtani, Erik Nyström and Ambrose Seddon.

Ambrose Seddon Traces of Play
Helene Hedsund Inuti
Steven Naylor I wish
Davide Gagliardi Gravity does not Apply
Annie Mahtani
Racines tordues
Erik Nyström Textonics
Leah Reid Sk(etch)

16:30 Elgar Concert Hall

Concert including music by Nikki Sheth, Pete Stollery and Jorge Garcia.

Pete Stollery Fields of Silence
Nikki Sheth Mmabolela
Savannah Agger Landschaften II
Jorge Gregorio García Moncada New Street
Charlie Lockwood A Bright And Shining Future Has Passed Us By
Will Schrimshaw Absolutely Nothing

20:00 Birmingham Open Media (Free)Bom-favicon

Soft Rave Festival closing party, with performances by Norah Lorway and Valentina Vuksic. In collaboration with BOM and their In Real Life exhibition.

Valentina Vuksic  Tripping through runtime IRL (In Real Life)
Norah Lorway  Untitled