Thursday 26 April

19:30 Dome Room

Our festival launch concert featuring works new works by featured guests Brona Martin and Nicholas Bullen, Kerry Hagan’s generative audio work, Nyx, Pablo Gav exploration of the Mexican revolution No Rayados and a new piece by Jonty Harrison composed for the BEASTdome.

Jonty Harrison Petit Prélude Parallèle (World Premiere)
Giulia Vismara paraphernalia
Adrian Baker 1125 S-H
Kerry Hagan nyx
Brona Martin A Bit Closer to Home
Emma Margetson morweninggg
Alejandro Albornoz Sheffield 17
Nicholas Bullen Of One Element
Pablo Gav No-Rayados

Friday 27 April

13.10 Barber Concert Hall

Organist Mari Fukimoto performs a programme of works for organ featuring music by Peter Ablinger, Bach, Ligeti and a new piece for organ and electronics by Lauren Redhead. This is the first of three concerts featuring organ and electronics as part of the Sonus ex Machina project.

 Lauren Redhead seo nídhæmestre; se tidfara
 Peter Ablinger Orgel und Weltempfänger
 Bach Chromatic Fantasia (Fantasia only)
 Ligeti Continuum

15:00 Dome Room


James Opstad Shimmer

19:00 Elgar Concert Hall

This concert features new electronic works for organ and electronics by Scott Wilson and Charlie Lockwood, Brona Martin’s Beyond the Lakes which responds to industry, community and the environment, and Nicholas Bullen’s Imprint / Aspects.

Scott Wilson Music for Manic Machines
Charlie Lockwood The Bones of the Earth
Nicholas Bullen Imprint / Aspects
Helene Hedsund Fem Slaf (Five Species)
Brona Martin Beyond The Lakes

20:45 Elgar Concert Hall

This late night concert features audiovisual work from Rennie Tullis and Andrew Hill alongside music by Vortichez, Manuella Blackburn and Andrew Lewis. The evening will conclude with Rafał Zapała’s epic organ and video work Scrolling to Zero.

Rafał Zapała Scrolling to Zero
Andrew Hill incandescence
Andrew Lewis Skyline
Manuella Blackburn Snap Happy
Vortichez Hatshepsut’s Harem
Tullis Rennie Carioca Sound Stories

Saturday 28 April

16:00 Elgar Concert Hall

This concert features PianoHertz, the first of two pieces in Saturday’s performances by guest artist Horacio Vaggione, Abwesenheit by John Young, which explores the historical resonance of sound, and a live performance from Erik Nyström.

Horacio Vaggione PianoHertz
Nikki Sheth Paddabolela
Hayley Suviste Kinesis
Erik Nyström Posthuman Nature
John Young Abwesenheit

20:00 Elgar Concert Hall

We close the festival with a diverse concert featuring the second of Vaggione’s works Mécanique des fluides, Signal Residuals by Nicholas Bullen, Jorge Garcia’s Carmen, based on memories of the Bogatazo, and Simon Le Boggit’s comment on human rights, Namequake.

Savannah Agger Landschaften I
Horacio Vaggione Mécanique des fluides
Nicholas Bullen Signal Residuals
Brona Martin NightEscape
Simon Le Boggit NameQuake
Jorge Garcia Carmen
Neal Farwell Echoes
Nikos Stavropoulos Karst Grotto