Thursday 27 April

19:30 Dome Room

Our festival launch features works by Matthusen and Tremblay’s improv duo

Roeland Luyten Helena
Symeon Youvev terreiro do paço ~ 160222
Amy Brandon Artificial Light and War Games; Amy Brandon – Guitar
Daniele Pozzi Breakpoint
Luigi Marino improv (title?)
Paula Matthusen within the social history of saltpeter
Niketa Sheth Orford Ness
P.A. Tremblay/Alex Bonney
Edmar Soria Entalpia

Friday 28 April

13.00 Barber Concert Hall

Our resident ensemble the Pestova/Rees/Roche Trio present a concert featuring the premiere of Scott Wilson’s LOW, alongside works by Rob MacKay, Maximilian Marcoll, and others.

Katharine Norman A walk I do
Rob MacKay Equanimity
Timothy Roy Wunderkind
Maximillian Marcoll Amproprification #1: Sequenza 9c, Luciano Berio
Scott Wilson LOW

15:00 Dome Room

Featured artist Sarah Farmer performs the latest incarnation of her A precarious equilibrium of give and take (and round in ellipses we go). This extended work is for violin combined with electronic sound derived from data from black hole binary systems, gathered during a research period wth Birmingham University Gravitational Wave physicists. Newly adapted for the immersive BEASTdome sound system, this performance invites the audience to come and go as they please.

Sarah Farmer Precarious Equillibrium

19:00 Elgar Concert Hall

Works include Tremblay’s asinglewordisnotenough2 (aria da capo) for the experimental Seaboard keyboard instrument, and Pestova/Rees/Roche performing Andrew Lewis’s Straatmuziek.

P.A. Tremblay asinglewordisnotenough2 (aria da capo); Xenia Pestova – Seaboard
Antonio D’Amato Paysage marin avec bateaux et hydravion
Nikos Stavropoulos Topophilia
James Harley Wild Fruits 3: Chestnuts
Rutz/Pirro anemone_3c26b3f
Jonathan Weinel Space Temple
Andrew Lewis Straatmuziek; Pestova/Rees/Roche Trio

20:45 Elgar Concert Hall

This late night event includes Simon Emmerson’s Aeolian, and featured artist Paula Matthusen’s Rising Divergence for video with fixed and live electronic sound.

Steven Naylor Simeonovo
Robert Phillips Rutaceae
Gabriel Gendin Intihuatana
Nick Ryall New work; Xenia Pestova – Toy Piano
Simon Emmerson Aeolian
Paula Matthusen Rising Divergence

Saturday 29 April

16:00 Elgar Concert Hall

Featuring Ambrose Seddon’s Fleeting Strands, John Young’s Spectral Domains (with Trionys from Germany) and Adam and Inja Stanovic’s beautiful One Byrd, Two Stones for piano and electroacoustic sound, based on the music of William Byrd.

Adrian Baker Are you there?
Ambrose Seddon Fleeting Strands
Colin Frank Virtual Sphere
Fernando Lopez-Lezcano The Hidden and Mysterious Machinery of Sound
Shawn Greenlee Quarries HSL
John Young Spectral Domains; Trionys
Adam Stanovic/Inja Stanovic One Byrd, Two Stones; Inja Stanovic – piano

20:00 Elgar Concert Hall

The festival closer goes out with a bang, with music including Rob Bentall’s gorgeous Telian for Swedish nyckelharpa and electronic sound, Charles Nichols raucous Epithemus Gift performed by American bassoonist Steve Vacchi, and the premiere of a new ‘massively multichannel’ commission by P.A.Tremblay.

Rob Bentall Telian; Rob Bentall – Nyckelharpa
Jesse Lyons Accordion with EarNest
Charles Nichols Epimethus Gift; Steve Vacchi – Bassoon
Erik Nystrom New work
Scott Wilson Kelp Road
Shawn Pinchbeck Pathways
P.A Tremblay New Work