BEASTFEASTBEAST FEaST 2017: Figure | Landscape | Seascape | Sky

Electronic music can produce sounds suggestive of the most intimate intentions; the result of acts undertaken by the most miniscule of agents. At the same time it can evoke soundscapes which whether subtle or grand go far beyond the scope of an individual’s actions, up to and including the cosmic. Join us and featured composers Paula Matthusen, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, and Sarah Farmer, and ensemble in residence the Pestova/Rees/Roche Trio for BEAST FEaST 2017 as we explore this range of possibilities, from the local, personal, and rhetorical, through the immersive and environmental, to the incomprehensibly huge.

Sarah Farmer PA Tremblay Paula Matthusen

Carla Rees Xenia Pestova Heather Roche