Friday 29 April

1000: Dome Room

Adrian Moore How many sounds
John Kefala Kerr Flawed Notes For Unsound Ears
Kosmas Giannoutakis Cybernetic Sound Games
Mat Dalgleish Spectres of the keyboard: how the acoustic legacy haunts digital musical instruments

1430: Dome Room

Huw McGregorConceptual Modes from Soundscape to Acousmatic

Coryn Smethurst Electroacoustic Insects
Jean-François Denis Access to Electroacoustics
Timothy Cooper Diffusing ‘Fata Morgana’
Brian Connolly Did you know your ears can sing?: The muted potential of the ear

Saturday 30 April

1100: Dome Room

Trond Lossius Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper
Hunter Ewen Visualization and Subtext
Leonardo Secco Material sounds from algorithms
John Young The Compression of Form
Eric Lyon The Virginia Tech Spatial Music Workshop: A Report