Alexander Pospischil
Tutorial Room

Ichi-Kousatsu, an interactive audiovisual installation, elicits a series of contrasting experiences such as haste and ease, natural and synthetic, becoming and decay. The fact that these antipodes are interdependent and can be understood as multiple parts of one entity, underscores the meaning of the work’s title: Ichi-Kousatsu can be interpreted as “One Observation“, “One Deliberation“, “One Meditation“.


Book of Bells

John Kefala Kerr
Room 216 (CEMPR) 

Running from 28-29 April only

Book of Bells is a sound installation designed for presentation in libraries. Originally commissioned by Durham Cathedral and Durham International Festival to mark the 2013 exhibition of the Lindisfarne Gospels, the work comprises digitally manipulated brass, voice and bell recordings that provide an acoustical context within which visitor-participants are invited to read extracts from books and ring small bells. In blurring distinctions between actual and virtual sounds, the installation challenges the segmented nature of knowledge.


“Hey, what’s that sound?”

Tony Morton
Bramall Balcony

There is something nostalgic about the glockenspiel, a first instrument for many as a child. This piece recounts those early days of childhood naivety with instrument exploration, allowing collaborative music making without the boundaries of traditional accessibility. The installation, the first in a series of research work exploring human interactivity between person and sound, links spatial location with glockenspiel mallet. Users are invited to explore the space around the glockenspiel, playing with the instrument through a different medium altogether, but still very much in a playful way!