BEAST FEaST 2016 – Real/Unreal

Thursday 28 – Saturday 30 April 2016
The University of Birmingham, UK


BEAST invites you to three days of music, meeting, and ideas. As part of this event, we invite submissions in the form of musical works and presentations. These may include anything to do with electronic music or related fields, but in particular we invite submissions relating in some way to the following theme:


Electronic music exists across the boundary of the physical and the virtual. The word electroacoustic highlights this contrast, with analog and digital signals necessarily making the transition between electrical representation and acoustic reality. Dualities of this nature are central to practice and thought: concrete/electronic, insubstantial/solid, acousmatic/synthesised, imaginary/real, natural/synthetic, abstract/representative, truth/lies, etc., etc.

BEAST FEaST 2016 invites contributions which in some way explore, exacerbate, blur or dissolve all of these intriguing, challenging, (ir)relevant, and potentially false oppositions.


Works/performances of electronic music of any style are welcome. Of particular interest are works for large numbers of channels, but we will try to accommodate the technical requirements of any accepted work. Works involving video are welcome, as are works involving live performance (including instrumentalists), but note that any costs or fees arising from including performers may need to be borne by the submitter. Installation submissions are also welcome. While there is no hard limit on duration, submitters should understand that for practical reasons, we will be more likely to be able to include shorter works than longer ones. As well, since we feel that community is a crucial part of BEAST FEaST, we will prioritise works by artists who can commit to attending the festival. Works not programmed in BEAST FEaST 2016 may be included in other BEAST events in this or future seasons.

Online submission system (includes sample system schematics):


For this year we are inviting informal talks in the tradition of TED. Academic topics are welcome, as are intellectually demanding ones, but should be pitched for the festival audience rather than a group of scholars. Talks should be 20 mins in duration, or multiples thereof. The BEASTdome system (30+ channel periphonic setup) will be available for these presentations, so multichannel demonstrations are possible and welcome.

Online submission system:

DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS: Wednesday 30 September 2015

Info: (submissions sent to this address rather than the online system will not be accepted)